How to Protect Your Eyes during Water Sports Activities

How to Protect Your Eyes during Water Sports Activities

Sports are not only enjoyed in the land but also in the water. You can enjoy a sunny day at the beach surfing or swim laps at your local pool. Whichever water sports activities you may choose, there are always certain precautionary measures to keep you safe and healthy.

Should you use a pair of polarized sunglasses during outdoor activities?

While it is true that boaters and fishermen benefit greatly from these polarized floating sunglasses, the benefits of these sunglasses can extend to those who perform outdoor activities or water sports. Similar to the reasons mentioned in the succeeding points, these sunglasses can reduce glares in various outdoor activities.

Indeed, boaters and fishermen are much more familiar with the true benefits of polarized floating sunglasses. This is because they get to spend too much time near great bodies of water. Water, as you may know, has a reflective surface. Nevertheless, whatever it is you are doing, unnecessary glares from the water surface can be distracting. Eliminate these glares and distraction by wearing floating sunglasses.

Are goggles really that important when you are underwater?

The answer is always yes. Remember, your eyes are very sensitive. Loss of eyesight can be dreadful for most of us as we heavily rely on our eyes for almost everything. This protective eyewear can not only keep off the water but also salt water, chlorine, dirt, sand, and other compounds found underwater. Do you wear glasses on a normal day? If so, think of this as your prescription glasses for when you are underwater. Rheos Gear provides some of the best goggles in today’s market.

What are disposable contact lenses and are these necessary?

If you own contact lenses, you would know how dreadful losing them feels like. As a result of lost contact lenses, your vision will be compromised and limited. If you are doing water sports, seeing underwater without your contacts is like swimming with your eyes clothes. Luckily, you can opt to use disposable contact lenses. These are less expensive than the original ones. If you lose them while you are swimming, you can always use a spare!

If you wear proper eyewear when underwater, is there still a need to wear a helmet?


Do remember that most of the eye injuries incurred during water sports activities can be prevented. Whatever the sport, there are certain precautionary measures that you would be happy to look up. These can save you so much time and effort later on. Hopefully, this article was able to brief you on some of those precautionary measures.

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