What Will Your Work Be With A Practical Nursing Degree?

What Will Your Work Be With A Practical Nursing Degree?

A nurse is definitely one of the most important jobs that you can have in any hospital or clinic. Without them, doctors would be struggling to do their jobs and patients would be unattended. Once you get a practical nursing degree, you can actually eventually specialize in other fields and career paths. Here are some options that you can try with your practical nursing degree.

Nursing Care Facilities

If you get a nursing degree, like one from LVN schools in Riverside CA, you can opt to work in nursing care facilities. This is specifically caring for the elderly. As a basic rule, nurses will have a large range of duties and responsibilities that they must do, no matter what career path they choose. With the elderly, they would be focused on assisting them with things such as basic hygiene while also monitoring their health status. However, nurses can benefit a lot from working with the elderly because they will get to learn more about serious cases like dementia, heart problems, arthritis, and such.

Private and Surgical Hospitals

Nurses are in charge of a lot of things in hospitals. For the first part, they will handle patients by talking about any issues or health concerns that they may have. They will also be responsible for monitoring the patients prior to surgery and after surgery and they will also keep a record of it. They will also be supervising any nursing aides and help with advanced practices for nurses with surgeons, doctors, etc., depending on their level.

Home Healthcare Facilities

A licensed nurse who got a degree from places like LVN schools in Riverside CA may also choose to work under an agency, clinic, etc., to offer home healthcare services. They typically go to the patients’ homes to assist them with things such as basic hygiene, improving their mental health, checking on the patient’s status, conversations, etc. This may also include some basic medical care such as changing bandages if the patient is homebound or do things such as replace IV fluids or perform injections on a homebound patient.

The Benefits of Having a Practical Nursing Degree

There are tons of benefits if you are a licensed nurse. For one thing, the pay for nurses in America is great, in almost any field that you are in. Whether you are in a hospital, offer home healthcare services, etc., you are sure to get a good paycheck out of your hard work. Additionally, you may balance your work and regular life well because you can choose a night shift or day shift. For instance, nurses with children may opt to get a night shift to be able to be with their children in the daytime and work while they are sleeping. Alternatively, if their kids go to school, they may choose a day shift instead to be able to relax and be with their kids at night.

Being a nurse is a great livelihood to have and definitely worth your while. There are so many benefits and so many career paths to choose from.

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