How To Identify And What To Do If Your Phone Is About To Explode

After the overheating and explosion of several Galaxy Note 7 devices, several users were worried about their cell phones. Whether they’re from Samsung or not. So that you don’t worry so much, some signs indicate if your smartphone’s battery is at risk of exploding. Is your phone so hot you can barely use it? This is one of the most classic signs of battery overheating. Understand why your smartphone gets so hot.

Screen Skipping

Is your phone’s screen being pushed forward? As if it was misplaced in the device? This could mean that the smartphone battery is swollen, and it is a problem that can lead to the component exploding.

The Battery Gets Very Hot When Recharged

If you use your phone generally during the day but find it extremely hot when it’s plugged into the charger, it’s best to stay on. It may be that the battery cannot receive the energy charge properly.


If you are suspicious that your phone has these problems, avoid using it until a professional such as specializing in repairing the gadget has evaluated the case. It’s also essential to keep your phone away from flammable products, so it doesn’t start a fire if it explodes. Usually, problems involving defective batteries are identified in the smartphone manufacturing processes. So, the best thing to do is take the phone to the manufacturer’s service center so they can identify what’s going on with it. In some cases, such as with swollen batteries, the company can replace the cell phone, even after the warranty expires.

What Not To Do

A bad battery can expel toxic substances that are bad for your health. Avoid holding the phone with your bare hands if this is happening – not least because it’s best to be protected with gloves in case the phone catches fire in your hand. Charging a troubled battery might be just what it needed to go up in flames. Do not recharge your phone, have it serviced immediately. Do not dispose of the device or the battery in inappropriate waste. There are specific deposits for the disposal of used batteries. This helps to preserve the environment and avoid problems.

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