Top Telugu Love Films to Watch With The Loved One

Top Telugu Love Films to Watch With The Loved One

The Telugu industry had come a long way before they came here, but today we can proudly say that the popularity of Telugu is growing day by day. Their films have conquered not only India but the world of cinema. They have already won many awards and proved to the world that they produce one of the best films and have no competitors, but how does such a large industry do all this? If we dig deeper, analyze everything, and look at it from the other side, we understand that Telugu produces only the best films for the viewers. It should also be noted that this industry does not lag the world level and produces films of all genres, and so far, none of them has caused a critical reaction.

But today, I would like to mention one of the favorite love genres for the industry and for the viewers, which is always followed by the most responses and positive comments. Telugu is becoming more and more popular every day, and more and more people are learning about it.

If we take a look into these Telugu movies of the love genre, we will realize that the Telugu movie-making industry and an entire team offers a different and exciting story to the viewers each time. These are the films which you can watch freely with your other half. Be sure that your half one will like the movie of this genre, because as I mentioned above, Telugu means quality.

So put off all the work and sit down with your loved one. Watch movies in aha ott so you can gain many beautiful and memorable moments.


Majili is the film that tells the story of Poorna, who dreams of becoming a professional cricket player in India. Before Poorna tries to raise money and fulfill his dream, he meets one of the beautiful girls, Anshu. He will soon fall madly in love with this girl, but because of Anshu’s parents, they have to end their relationship. No one wants that, but there is not another way. Anshu promises Poorna that she will get back with him. A few years pass, and Anshu is nowhere to be seen, while the grieving Poorna drinks. This will bring nothing good to Poorna. And we can see the rest of the story in this beautiful film.

Kotha Bangaru Lokam:

Kotha Bangaru tells the story of high school students. Balu falls madly in love with Swapna, the most beloved girl in her class, but when her terrible father finds out about this love story, he tries his best to keep them apart. That’s why Swapna will be kicked out of school. But the love of Balu and Swapna is so strong that they can’t live without each other. So, they try to be together again. Whether they manage to do all this or not, you will find out in this beautiful film, which will not leave you disappointed.

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