Top 5 Reasons For Tenant Eviction

Top 5 Reasons For Tenant Eviction

The eviction notice is a written letter whereby the tenant may either obey your lease agreement or vacate your rental property. If a tenant fails to follow an eviction notice, a landlord can legally file an unlawful detainer lawsuit for eviction in court. A landlord gives three-day pay or quit notices based on non-payment of rent, which means that the tenant must pay the outstanding rent or vacate the property within three days of receiving the notice. If the tenant fails to pay or leave, then the landlord has the option on the fourth day to file a case of eviction in the court until the third day on holiday or the weekly leave. Here are the following top five reasons for tenant eviction:

Non-Payment Of Rent

A tenant pays the landlord an agreed amount of money to occupy his or her home for a specified time and also the tenant signs a lease agreement and must comply with lease terms. Under the lease agreement, a tenant’s first responsibility is to pay rent to the landlord on time, and if the tenant does not pay their monthly rent on time, they breached the lease agreement. A notice of payment of rent or departure tells the tenant that they have not paid their rent and it also indicates the amount of their rent repayment. Also, if the tenants do not remedy their rental problems immediately, landlords may file a lawsuit against the renter. 

Late Payment Of Rent

There are many states where you can file not only to evict a tenant for non-payment rent but if the tenants turn it into a practice and pay the rent late, then you can file a lawsuit for eviction. You must send a notice of departure to the tenant before petitioning for the removal of the tenant. In some cases, the landlord sends the notification to the tenant one month before filing a lawsuit for eviction. Sending a notice a month in advance means that it lets the tenant know that they must pay their rent on time or else you will register to move them out. If the tenant is renting late after receiving the notice, you can file a lawsuit for that tenant.

Damage To The Property

You can file a lawsuit against a tenant if the tenant is damaging the landlord’s property and if the loss is more significant than normal wear and tear on the property. If a tenant puts a large hole through an outside wall, it could be a case of extreme damage. Moreover, before filing an eviction lawsuit in the California Eviction Laws against the tenant, it must be ascertained whether the damage is intentional or because of negligence. If the tenant was damaging the property and agreed to pay for the loss, then it is now up to you whether you want to accept the payment or proceed with the eviction. You must file an eviction notice for the tenant to leave your property before you begin the eviction process.

Disturbing Other Tenants

You can file in court to evict the tenant from your property who causes unnecessary trouble and interferes with the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of other tenants in the building. However, you must give notice of eviction if the tenant is to be evicted, and the notice must indicate whether the tenant is playing loud music or provide any other restrictive expressions. If the tenant persists in his or her tone after giving the tenant notice of departure, now you are fully prepared to file for eviction.

Hold Over

If a tenant refuses to move out of the landlord’s property even after their lease agreement has expired, then the landlord can file a lawsuit against the tenant for eviction. Moreover, many contracts automatically switch to month-to-month leases after the initial lease agreement expires. You must give the tenant a notice to depart and explain in it that the tenant has a time certain to move out of the property. In most cases, the landlord will file an eviction lawsuit against the tenant within 30 to 60 days.

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