The application of technology in the educational field in times of covid19

The application of technology in the educational field in times of covid19

The modern generation is much more advanced in technological aspects than their predecessors. And it is because of this reason the education sector is actually seeing a lot of new ideas in the form of new technologies. Technologies that can be used for educational purposes have always been adapted at a faster rate than any other sector or technology. And now with the given demands of online education in the wake of the covid19 pandemic, the scope of the eLearning system has increased by many folds. Not only for direct academic purposes but to hone up different skills via online courses are now available to the younger generations as well.

What are the advantages of online courses?

The main advantages of an online course (kursus online , which is the term in Thai) are basically threefold. Firstly, the students can actually learn all the things included in a course by sitting at home. It is because the teachers or coaches of these particular courses teach via online platforms. This gives the students to feel comfortable at home and yet learning from the coaches or teachers. Secondly, in the aftermath of the pandemic with all the social distancing norms in place, online courses provide for a safe place for students to complete their education and learning. This gives the students an extra layer of security to say that students then do not need to attend any public places such as classrooms or coaching centers. And lastly, the online courses enable the students to choose the very best courses among the available options. The online courses are much more feasible in terms of fees as well. Thus online courses are currently providing students with all their educational needs.

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