Social Media As A Powerful Tool Of Marketing: WhatsApp

WhatsApp currently has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. People can exchange text, image, and video messages through WhatsApp and make a call. Currently, this social network has new trends; like other social networks, WhatsApp also allows status sharing that disappears after 24 hours. This platform is more effective for increasing relationships with people who are somehow already consumers of your business because it is necessary to have their number so that you do not seem strange to them.

This is a great tool to help you build customer loyalty. You can use this network to respond to complaints or questions that consumers will ask about your service, as long as you are quick to respond so as not to leave the customer waiting for too long. One of the advantages of WhatsApp is the speed of exchanging information.

WhatsApp Business

A few years ago, many companies took advantage of WhatsApp and used this social network to mark and unmark appointments, advertise products, carry out commercial transactions, etc. That’s why WhatsApp Business was created in 2017; unlike usual, this one is entirely business-oriented. If having the regular WhatsApp was already beneficial for anyone who has a business, WhatsApp Business is not only practical but indispensable for any businessman. Unlike the normal profile, WhatsApp Business has many advantages and news; one is the business profile. And in the profile, you can enter every vital information such as:

  • The e-mail
  • The website
  • The address

These are some examples, so you need to pay close attention when creating your company profile on WhatsApp Business because the information posted will be essential for your consumer to be familiar with your company/business.

Using WhatsApp as one of the tools for your marketing strategy will help your company/business to maintain the necessary scalability, so when making the marketing strategy for WhatsApp, it is necessary to know what yours is. Objective: What will you do to achieve this objective, and what will be the payoff. Could these companies inspire you to do the same with your business’s social media?


We believe you have already noticed that social networks are very powerful in increasing the scalability of your company. But for that, you must have well-structured and focused objectives. It is essential to know that creating a page on social networks for your business is not everything; you need to streamline these pages and have your marketing strategies well defined. The ideal is to hire a digital marketing agency such as example or an experienced professional in social media management to create strategies and content to boost your social media, ensure visibility and increase sales with very low investment in marketing.

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