Smart Tips to Enhance Your Summer Style

Smart Tips to Enhance Your Summer Style

The rising temperatures associated with summer makes shopping a must. With the weather heating, new outfits become imperative.

But before go shopping, keep these helpful tips in mind to ensure you get the best out of your summer wear shopping and be as comfortable as you can all through the summer.

Mind your Fabrics

To stay cool on hot days, go for clothing like cotton polo shirt or you design your own polo shirts , as the fibres are excellent in absorbing sweat and releasing it quickly.

Linen is another excellent summer material, stronger than cotton and conducts of heat better, which makes it the most breathable material. Silk is an excellent choice as well, as it is natural, cooling and breathable; however, it involves frequent cleaning if you sweat.

Reinvent your Clothes

A tailor can inexpensively transform your garments, making them look entirely different. For instance, a long dress or skirt can be turned into a cute mini, trousers can be changed into shorts, and long blazers turned into cute shortened jackets for summer wear.

Another tailor tip is to get an old T-shirt and tank top you don’t wear anymore and have your tailor hem it to show a sliver of skin. This can be paired with high-waist pants, shorts or skirts. This leaves you with a comfortable, breathable, and not too revealing wear for the summer.

Keep your Makeup from Melting

We always hear about ways prevent our makeup from melting, but have we considered how to keep the products we carry around from melting?

A little trick for you: Freeze your Zip-Loc bag, and before you go to work, toss in the products. This may not be a long term remedy; however it will ensure your products stay cold until you get to your usual air-conditioned workplace.

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