Second Hand Trucks: The Advantages And Disadvantages

Second Hand Trucks: The Advantages And Disadvantages

In our country, the second-hand truck is increasingly sold.  Since buying a second-hand truck can be a very recurring option in terms of value for money, truck prices skyrocket, and a large tonnage vehicle is very common to rethink to buy. Get a dealership truck that has high-quality products and offers excellent benefits for professionals.

Advantages And Disadvantages

As in the purchase of any vehicle, several factors are taken into account to see the difference between them. With the second hand six-wheeled trucks (รถ บรรทุก หก ล้อ มือ สอง, which is the term in Thai), you also have to assess the advantages and disadvantages, in this way the choice will be more accurate.

Some of the aspects to consider are:

  • The price is mainly much lower
  • Taxes are also reduced by being a second-hand vehicle. However, if you get a brand new transport, 21% VAT and the registration tax will have to be paid. Therefore, the price will be even higher.
  • The value of a used vehicle does not fall as quickly as that of one that has just left the dealership.
  • A favorable point for truck drivers is that the prices of second-hand vehicles can vary from one truck sales company to another, so if you search between different sites, you will find real bargains. A dealer has virtually the same value that comes from the factory.
  • The price of insurance is much lower in a second-hand truck.
  • Because we are not entirely new, we are not talking about poor quality. If you buy it in a company that has a certain prestige, the quality of the truck and its duration will be perfect.
  • Buying and selling companies offer at least one year warranty for the buyer. If the vehicle does not correspond to the characteristics at least, it will have its backs covered.
  • Buying from an individual who sell truck mounted with crane (ขาย รถ บรรทุก ติด เครน, which is the term in Thai) may not have all the documentation secured. If it is done with a vehicle sales company, there will be no problems regarding the roles of the truck.
  • In a sales company, the buyer can ask for advice, and the seller will show you a truck that meets your needs.

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