Reviewing cybersecurity measures that matter – An easy guide

No matter whether you own a small business, or are in charge of managing cybersecurity for a large company, it is important to be proactive. The cost of cyberattacks is huge for businesses, and many never recover from the jolt. Preventive steps can go a long way in avoiding a security breach, and more importantly, your company can find a vulnerability, before someone exploits it. In this post, we are reviewing some of the best cybersecurity measures that matter. 

Creating a plan

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are still not taking cybersecurity seriously, and all they are worried about is compliance. Yes, you want to stay compliant and avoid clash with agencies and regulatory bodies, but you also need to have a plan for mitigating risks. An incident response plan is as necessary. In case something goes wrong, employees should know who to contact, how to report an incident, and steps that must be followed for damage control. 

Backups, testing and scanning

Taking regular backups of data is crucial. It is important to understand that every networked device, even IP cameras, work like a computer and can be hacked. You have to schedule scans and tests, to find security issues, flaws, bugs and vulnerabilities. If your cybersecurity budget permits, consider having a bug bounty program, where the ethical hackers will help you find issues within the IT environment, in exchange of money. 

Employee training

This is another aspect that businesses often take for granted. Remember that your employees are your frontline workers, and they are responsible for cybersecurity. They need to know about things like phishing, how to identify threats, about safe browsing, and aspects like reporting an incident. Recommend password management and creation guidelines, and if you are unsure of how to do workshops and programs on cybersecurity, hire expertise from outside. 

Focusing on other things

Old and unwanted software must be removed from every device and system. It is also very important to update all software programs and firmware to the latest version. Operating systems must be updated regularly. Finally, think of better ways of ensuring cybersecurity. One of the important steps is to enable multifactor authentication for critical devices. Also, make sure that devices are scanned for viruses and malware. Placing networked devices behind firewalls and using network segmentation are other steps that matter. 

Choose to stay ahead of cybercriminals in your ways and approach to security – It’s all that matters. 

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