Recommendations And Tips For Smartphones

Recommendations And Tips For Smartphones

At present, the smartphone market has grown so that it has millions of users around the world, regardless of their social or economic stratum. This is primarily due to the accessibility of the devices due to their different price ranges and hardware range.

However, one of the great difficulties is that, despite the technical specifications that the cell phone may contain, this does not exonerate it from the risks and dangers found on the Internet or connections to computers that violate its security. You are not exempt from being infected with viruses that, in the worst case, can damage you or steal personal information from your memory.

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Recommendations And Tips For Smartphones During Use

Among the tips that can be given to prevent a cell phone from being infected by a virus, the following stand out:

  • Avoid making banking transactions or sending data from applications of great importance, using public Wi-Fi networks, since they may be vulnerable based on their configuration, allowing other users to see and collect information.
  • Avoid downloading suspicious applications, generally disguised behind known application names. This can be evidenced through small defects or errors in the description, logo, or creative company, since google services, for example, do not allow duplication of data.
  • Always read carefully the permissions requested by each application both when running and when downloaded. The data that it will require is specified within them, such as email, GPS, Bluetooth, etc., and when it will be used.
  • Refrain from installing suspicious applications, specifically if they are acquired outside the legitimate Apple iOS store or Google Playstore, since they may have been altered at the code level. According to their description, they perform a function. Still, in reality, they do something else behind the screen.
  • Try to use Antivirus obtained through genuine companies to increase the chances of a virus infecting the device.

In the worst case, when the phone is infected, you can proceed to restore the device to factory mode using the function generally located in the “settings” menu. A symptom of a virus may be that the applications have stopped working correctly or entirely.

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