How to learn to run fast with Anabolic Steroids?

How to learn to run fast with Anabolic Steroids?

If you are unhappy with the speed of your run, but really want to learn how to run fast, then

If you are unhappy with the speed of your run, but really want to learn how to run fast, then long runs at a low or even medium pace will not help you. Such jogging is chosen by people who want to run for health – to lose weight, raise the tone of the body, strengthen the body, keep their body in shape. And to increase the speed of running you need to choose a different training methodology, heavier, requiring the necessary equipment.

The most effective method in order to learn how to run fast is running on a variety of terrain. In the shortest possible time, such training allows you to gain muscle mass with Steroids from Reputable site, as constant running along the descents and ascents involves various muscle groups of the legs.

But choosing such a training technique, you need to be very careful, because the probability of injury is high if you “overdo it”, that is, overload yourself – too often you will run up and down from them. First you need to move smoothly to the ups and downs, running the main distance on a flat surface.

In addition, the running technique is very important so that you do not get exhausted ahead of time and run “correctly”. When you go uphill, your back should be straight, your arms down, your body tilted slightly forward, your hips extended forward, your head looking forward in front of you. Do not deflect the body back – this will violate the posture, reduce the lifting speed, since all your movements will now not be effective enough! The muscles of the shoulders and neck should be relaxed to save your strength and energy.

First, practice on gentle slopes, gradually moving to steeper and longer.

There is also interval, variable, repeated and tempo run. There are other methods, but these are the main ones. This system includes intense jogging, jogging and walking.

Interval running is that the athlete runs at a maximum speed of 200-400 meters, after which he rests for about 1.5 minutes (if you need more time to recover – for God’s sake, watch your condition, but not freebies). Interval running training strengthens the cardiovascular system, develops speed.

With a variable run, the athlete runs with high intensity from 100 to 800 meters, but then he does not start walking, but continues to jog 100-400 meters – this is his rest. This method is the most effective for the development of aerobic qualities. And of course it strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Choosing the technique of re-running, the athlete must run a long distance – at least one and not more than four kilometers. Moreover, all this distance must be run at a speed close to the limit. This is done in order to raise the pulse to 180 beats, then the athlete rests and watches his pulse. When the number of beats per minute reaches 120, the athlete again repeats this distance. Repeated running maximizes speed and trains the body to work at speed for as long as possible.

Pace running is suitable only for professionals who know how to manage energy, strength and are known in the technique of running. The pace run of 5-14 km is overcome faster with every kilometer.

You can also use auxiliary products, such as leg weights – they are worn on the ankle and sold in any sports store of different weights (1.5 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg …). They cost about $ 20 – if they are of good quality, well, depending on the weight. They are very effective in speed development – they train well and pump legs, making them work with extra weight, developing explosive strength. You can also engage with a partner who stretches your waist with an elastic leash, pulls it on and stands behind you, and you start towing. In addition, jogging in the water is good – go down on your knees or a little deeper into the water and start to run. All this makes your legs work with increased load, which effectively develops their strength and power, and this affects the speed of running.

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