How justified is this question, has our lives changed with technology?

How justified is this question, has our lives changed with technology?

The emergence of technology in the last fifty years has revolutionized our existence. From connected objects that facilitate our daily activities to social networks that allow us to expand our network of friendships. Here are some examples that will help us remember the value of technological innovations. Before that, do you know that performing free background check can help you to know the details of your friends? Yes, if you are going to join your first romantic date, and all you have the phone number of your partner and the fewer details provided by the dating site. How true are those information? Don’t you want to know all the information about your partner in advance such as address, other phone numbers, local IDs, background, etc. so that you can be ready? Try it now.

The smart home: more free time and help with household chores

It is called smart home, and it is a home where sophisticated tools connected to the internet simplify our daily activities, leaving us more time to dedicate ourselves to our hobbies and other pleasant activities. The technological objects that furnish it, improving the quality of our life, are varied: we go from the sensors to control our sleep to the ovens that cook by themselves, passing through the intelligent thermostats and the bulbs that change intensity and colour according to the habits.

Love and friendship of social networks and dating sites

Increasingly stressful work activities leave us little time to cultivate friendships and go in search of a soul mate. Globalization, on the other hand, changes our lifestyle and our ambitions, inviting us not to “settle” for a relationship with a person who lives not far from us, as it used to be, but to open up to new cultures and to new horizons. How is it possible? Thanks to cutting-edge platforms with which the search for love or simply new friendships becomes much simpler, and is even more “targeted”.

Bionic prostheses, to return to running, to see and to hear

It is useless to deny it – to be born or to find oneself after an accident with serious physical problems in the past was considered a tragedy. Marginalization and solitude were often the sad keywords for those who were in these conditions. Technology has given us the hope and the will to live like a normal person, making things unthinkable. Not only can we go back to walking or hearing, but even playing sports at the competitive level with the support of cutting-edge prostheses is possible.

The vehicles that drive themselves

The means of transport are among the comforts of the third millennium. Technological research makes great strides and this is demonstrated by the experiments in progress. On the one hand, cars and hybrid scooters, which use an electric motor and a petrol engine to reduce pollution and expenses have become a reality. On the other hand, the frontiers of technology applied to means of transport move far beyond, with the design of cars capable of flying or the vehicles that even drive themselves.


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