How Can I Earn A GED

How Can I Earn A GED

Before taking a GED test, you must be at least 16years old; you must also be aware that you can’t be enrolled in a high school. You must also meet the state requirements for the period of time you have been away from high school. There are some states that its rule states that, you must be 60 days out of high school before you can study GED (เรียน GED which is the term in Thai), so before you go for a GED test, contact the program agents in your state for necessary information.

You must score up to 145 on each test, which means passing all the 4 subjects. Do not forget that the New Jersey requires you to score 150 to pass it. On the 2014 version, the score ranges from 100 to 200. The benchmark for college and the career readiness score is 165 for each test. An honour distinction will be given to you if you reach this score. This test takes about 7.5 hours and it’s conducted with a computer. It not a must that you should complete it all on the same day, but some states have different time for the test.

If you eventually fail at the first sitting of the GED exam, you can still retake it. Also, have in mind that some states have different requirements for people who are sitting for the exam the second time. Requirements like: additional fees or a proof of preparation class you attended. You can signup for this exam online, also it’s available for disabled persons. You will have to pay first before you can signup for the GED calibration (สอบเทียบ GED which is the term in Thai). The cost is different from your state and other states. You will get your result after 24 hours of the test.

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