Guide to the Diablo 2 Resurrected Javelin Amazon Build Also Known as D2R Javazon Build

Guide to the Diablo 2 Resurrected Javelin Amazon Build Also Known as D2R Javazon Build

Details about the Javelin Amazon (Javazon) build, including recommended abilities, stat distribution, and equipment.

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Charged Strike and Lightning Fury are two of the most powerful abilities that the Javelin Amazon (Javazon) possesses, both of which she can use to deal damage to her adversaries and teach them a lesson.

Javazon Pros

  • Extremely high levels of damage dealt
  • Attacker who is capable both at range and in close combat
  • Excellent management of the crowd

Javazon Cons

  • Gear dependent
  • When dealing with lightning immune foes, damage taken is significantly reduced
  • The offensive output suffered in confined spaces and when facing fewer foes
  • Interrupting an attack is an option
  • To some extent, a cannon made of glass

When it comes to equipment, the Javazon is not a good choice for a starting build. Titan’s Revenge is the most difficult part of the build. You might as well not bother running a Javazon if you don’t have one because you won’t be able to use it. Without such fundamental equipment, a Javazon will have a difficult time completing the Nightmare difficulty, let alone the Hell difficulty. She doesn’t gain any significant abilities that control crowds until she’s level 18, making her a slow starter overall. Begin your adventure with a class that is less dependent on gear, such as a Blizzard Sorceress, and then switch to Javazon once you become more experienced. When there are large numbers of foes for her to throw javelins at, she is at her most effective. When the conditions are just right, she can clear entire screens of foes with just one or two attacks. Charged Strike allows her to perform just as well against bosses as she does against regular enemies, but against enemies that are immune to lightning, she is only able to use Jab and the amount of physical damage that her weapons deal. This causes a significant reduction in both her ability to kill quickly and her ability to stay alive.

In the Hell difficulty, you will most certainly need to pick and choose your battles. Having to deal with Burning Souls is another nightmarish ordeal.
The Javazon has a durability that can be inconsistent at times. Even though she can put up a sufficient Life total, her block chance (which is dependent on her Dexterity score, which will be fairly high for Diablo 2 ladder gears), and dodge chance from various passive skills are all up to random chance. Her ideal equipment (especially for magic finding) does not tend to grant many resistances. You’ll find that she survives some situations that are guaranteed to kill her without taking any damage, while at the same time being felled by attacks that it seems she should have been able to survive… such is the nature of a defense that relies heavily on random chance.

Javazon – Skills
Charged Strike is a solid second choice for the Javazon build, despite the fact that Lightning Fury is the highlight ability of this build. You should invest first in Lightning Fury, then Charged Strike, and finally their synergies. Fortunately, they both share synergies (and are synergies with each other! ), which makes the process of purchasing skills relatively simple: you should invest first in Lightning Fury, then Charged Strike, and finally their synergies. You should prioritize training in the following Javelin and Spear abilities, listed in order of preference:

  • Fury like Lightning
  • Charged Strike
  • Lightning Strike
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Power Strike

When it comes to the Amazon’s Passive and Magic tree, the majority of the skills found here are of a high quality; however, due to the diminishing returns, only a select few are worthy of significant investment. You should put one point into each of the skills on the tree and then let the +Skills modifier handle the rest of the work. You will have gotten the most out of many of these skills, with one of the few exceptions being Valkyrie. Although she is one of the most powerful summons in the game, this build does not have enough points to devote to her.

Javazon – Stats
The required stats for the Javazon change depending on what farming you intend to do with her. Titan’s Revenge has a requirement of 109 Dexterity and 25 Strength at the beginning level (this requirement can be reduced if you are fortunate enough to obtain an ethereal version of this weapon). Demon’s Arch requires 127 Strength and 95 Dexterity to use, but again, this requirement can be reduced if you obtain an ethereal version of the weapon. If you want a better melee option for lightning immunes, you can use Demon’s Arch in your off-hand. The total Strength gained from that is 156.
It goes without saying that your Strength and Dexterity values will need to be significantly higher than 100.
The remaining components are added to the Vitality category. Unfortunately, as a result of this, the Amazon is more susceptible to damage than many other best Diablo 2 Solo builds; however, she does retain her ability to dodge.

Javazon – Gear
Beginning life as a Javazon can be challenging. It is a time-consuming process to get her up to par, especially if you do not have any other players to leech off of. Charged Strike provides her with some much-needed relief at level 18, but even though it will, in a few levels’ time, make it possible for her to impale enemies one at a time, the process is still painfully slow, and the charged bolts aren’t really all that reliable…. but it’s all right.

If you spend a significant amount of time doing Baal runs – particularly if you are able to find online games to join – you will easily be able to reach level 42 before you have to switch to Hard mode. In a perfect world, you’ll have a Titan’s Revenge ready to go. When compared to, for example, Nightmare Mephisto, your chances of getting Titan’s Revenge from Baal aren’t as good as they are with other bosses, such as Nightmare Mephisto.

In addition to your Titan’s Revenge, you’ll want to acquire mid-tier equipment such as Razortail, which increases the likelihood of landing a piercing attack, a Raven Frost, which protects you from the effects of freezing and provides useful buffs such as +Mana, +Dexterity, and +Attack Rating, and boots such as War Traveler, Aldur’s Advance, or Sandstorm Trek, any of which are acceptable options (especially War Traveler for Magic FindWhen it comes to helmets, Skin of the Vipermagi, Skullder’s Ire, and Stealskull are all excellent choices for the midgame, while Valkyrie Wing, Vampire Gaze, and Stealskull are good options for midgame armor. In terms of rings and amulets, one should look for Diablo 2 resurrected items that have leech (Life and/or Mana), +Strength, +Dexterity, +Life, +Mana, and +Resistances, in addition to the usual +Skills that are found on amulets.

If all of this seems like it doesn’t make much sense, well, that’s because it doesn’t. When it comes to truly asserting your dominance as a Javazon, you’ll want to secure a very, very good rare ring (dual leech, all resistances, or a Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band to accompany your Raven Frost), as well as an equally impressive rare amulet (or a Mara’s Kaleidoscope). The gear that was mentioned above is largely capable of getting you through Hell difficulty.

The process of acquiring high-tier armor, such as Chains of Honor and a Griffon’s Eye, which are both uncommon, expensive, and in the case of the former, require a Ber rune, is by far the most difficult. You will need an additional two Ber runes to purchase an Infinity polearm for your mercenary, which is probably the piece of equipment that will cost you the most money. This gear is not required to complete endgame runs; however, having it will significantly improve both your survivability and the rate at which you kill enemies.

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