Greater Options for the perfect Poker Deals

Greater Options for the perfect Poker Deals

Do not be guided too much by these myths. They can easily influence your perception and choices in the game. Myths remain traditions that sometimes contain some truth, but which are often exaggerated. Here you can read more about 5 myths around Punto Banco that you should not believe in too much.


It is now clear that you can play at a Punto Banco casino for winning cash prizes. Still we would like to give you some more Punto Banco tips. Especially for the new players, following a step-by-step plan of tips is certainly advisable. That way you know for sure that you will end up at a safe casino.

Moreover, in this way you also discover the difference between playing for free and gambling for money, and we will also discuss the use of a Punto Banco strategy. Do you also want to gamble online at a casino? Then choose from one of the many casinos on our site, because they all have Punto Banco gaming tables available. With the situs judi online this is important.

What is a good Punto Banco strategy

It is quite difficult to use a strategy in the Punto Banco game. The game does not lend itself to a so-called expectation pattern, by which we mean that you can predict what the next card will be. In that regard, at Punto Banco you could make the best use of strategies that also apply to roulette, despite the fact that both games have a totally different appearance.

The big advantage of Punto Banco is that the house advantage is a lot better compared to, for example, roulette. So with the so-called 50/50 odds you have an even better chance of gambling properly. Below the line, however, it remains a game of chance and therefore you cannot be sure of winning. Take a hefty bankroll with you when you opt for a strategy at Punto Banco, because when doubling your bets always increase faster than you expect.

Set the limit

Before you start playing Punto Banco, know what you have to spend and possibly set a limit for winning or losing. When you start winning it is wise to get paid, nobody has eternal happiness on his or her side. Even in the event of loss, it is wise to set a limit. This way you prevent more revenues from withdrawing and losing even more as a result of feelings of revenge.

The Egalité

Although the Egalité ensures a higher payout if you have guessed it correctly, it is not the best option to bet on. The house advantage at Egalité is 15.75% and that is very high in casino terms. With Egalité, your chances are no longer 50/50, but a lot lower. Of course you can bet on Egalité if you like to take some risk, but it cannot be used in combination with a strategy and you reduce your own chances of winning.

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