Good Reasons to Choose A Transgender Girlfriend

Good Reasons to Choose A Transgender Girlfriend

Transgender is a gender identity problem. If you are single and looking around for a new girlfriend, then you can consider a trans-woman. You shockingly disagree with this concept, but just think – what makes a girl attractive? Men get attracted to women because of their femininity and sensuous nature. 

Today, escort trans are increasing in popularity among straight guys because of many reasons. You can even visit the chat-rooms of transgender dating websites. You will gain a lot of information on trans-sexualism. Your confusion will vanish and perception changed. 

What do men say about their transsexual girlfriend?

Men who have dated trans-women love them because he finds it easy to connect with them and they are sexy, attractive and feminine. Read the reviews of man dating trans-woman for several years, who have now become their girlfriend. 

No role-playing

The walk and hand gestures of a trans girlfriend are impressive. It is not a man in a dress. She never pretends like a female but was playing a male part, when she was born as a guy. When this burden of role-playing gets lifted publicly all her feminine qualities surface. You will find that she gestures, talks, and walks like a normal genetic woman. None of this behavior seems forced or artificial. No acting!

Great sexual experience

The majority of men dating transgender girlfriend agree that the sexual experience they had was more thrilling than they expected. Relationship with a transsexual girlfriend is similar to any other intimacy issues. They need to be privately discussed between them. 

Great sexual chemistry is between couples that find a spot that is right for both. Never assume that what is right for you is right for her. Take it slow and find a way that is suitable for both. Treat the trans girlfriend like any other genetic woman. They will appreciate this!

Transsexual women are girls born with the incorrect body. Genetic females are born with X and X chromosomes, while males have X and Y chromosomes. Intersex people have a blend of both. Testosterone is responsible for sex drive in males and females. 

Genetic males produce 11 to 15 times more testosterone than females. So, a transsexual girlfriend will have more testosterone levels than the genetic females. 

Be patient with your transgender girlfriends

Transgender people are struggling with their mental status and changed physical anatomy. They are making efforts to change these hard-physical characteristics. It usually starts with hormone replacement therapy, which helps to feminize the body and soften the skin. 

Some even work hard to soften their voices. Few choose the painful procedure called electrolysis to eliminate the unwanted body and facial hair. If the hormone replacement therapy does not work a few T-girls opt for breast implants and even opt for neo-vagina surgery. 

Her main goal is to finish a transition and live like a genetic woman. You need to keep in mind that she is a female and not what her physical parts define her to be. 

T-girls find it very hard to consider this a birth defect. Finding acceptance is very difficult. Therefore, many T-women live in secrecy taking care that no one discovers their medical history and personal situation. 

Men who find T-girls attractive must not allow their fear or ego but think about the possibility that they can find the love of their life. 

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