Five Things to Know Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Five Things to Know Before Renovating Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where people prepare food, wash their dishes, and even store food. For that reason, you should pay much attention to every detail, especially when it comes to renovation.

Renovation is not as easy as most people imagine; it can be paralyzing. It is much more than just selecting the backsplashes. Therefore, ensure that you have an idea of how you want your kitchen to look like before anything else. Below are some of the vital aspects you should be aware of before you start work.

  1. Budgeting is Vital

The kitchen is still the most earth costly room to renovate in a home. Talk of the many different laborers, such as electricians, plumbers, and cabinet makers, among others. Based on reports from Remodeling Magazine, the average cost of full, midrange kitchen is approximately $66,000.

If you have a tight budget, consider working in stages. Forget about buying items that you do not require at that moment, as well as things that will not affect your budget, either. The goal is to be completely honest with yourself about what you need and what you can afford at that time. With that in mind, it is easy to prevent future headaches.

So, calculating your kitchen renovation budget should be part of your knowledge. It is also crucial to note that the more you relocate your items such as plumbing and electrical, the more expensive your budget will be.

Do some research about the kitchen appliances that you are considering buying. Determine if they will suit your cooking needs, whether they will work for your space, and also find the cost of each. Do not forget to check the quality of every product.

  1. Appliances are Part of Remodeling Designs

When it comes to kitchen appliances, quality is a necessity. However, do not buy anything before planning. You cannot just wake up and pick anything that pleases your eyes; you need to consider several aspects before making a purchase.

That is because some kitchen appliances, especially the large and heavy ones, require additional construction to brace the underneath floor. Some hoods also come with installation specifications for a particular size of a vent duct. Vent ducts may also need you to tear up some walls or ceilings to reroute or upgrade them.

Some kitchen faucets may also require additional plumbing while further wiring may be necessary when it comes to a dishwasher. As for the cabinet height, ensure that it pairs seamlessly with the dishwasher. Built-in appliances such as steam ovens, coffee makers, and wine fridges should be carefully thought about ahead of the kitchen renovation.

  1. Kitchen Designs and Preferences

Everyone has their design selections and preferences. However, there is no need to be firm about it. Conducting a little research before meeting your designer will not hurt.

Additionally, consider several aspects before settling for a particular design. Think about space functionality, the style of your kitchen, layout, and your favorite colors.

In respect to colors, stick to a classic color palette for the best kitchen look. You can try white, off-white, shades of grey or black; they work magic in both modern and traditional designs. Also, inquire about the best paint for cabinets before you go for one.

For best results, seek help from a professional designer. He/she can assist you in coming up with a smart layout, which is necessary when you want to find the best kitchen design. Designers can also help you to utilize the available space and even save your time and money. Moreover, they can link you up with the top contractors in the industry.

So, when going to meet your planner, prepare a must-have list. For instance, you might be interested in more storage, adding space, or anything else you want your kitchen to have. Note everything down and give it to your planner. Do not forget to create a folder that will include pictures of materials, appliances, rooms, and any other detail you need in your kitchen, as well.

  1. Time Frame

Most homeowners underestimate the period of completing the renovation projects, which include design and construction. The two require sufficient time for perfection. Incubation time is necessary during the design phase. It allows the transformation of design from good to excellent.

A kitchen renovation will not take 45 minutes like many renovation television shows would like us to think. The designer and contractor will give you the time frame. Even so, be prepared for a more extended period than you had imagined.

For that reason, ask yourself if you are comfortable with the time frame before the work begins. If you are not, figure out how long you want the project to take, then talk to your contractor. Nevertheless, remember to be realistic.

  1. Lighting is Essential

With so much going on in one room, a lighting plan is vital before you begin the renovation process. You need quality light to cook delicious meals, wash the dishes, and socialize with friends when they come.

Proper lighting can also make a big difference between an ordinary and an excellent kitchen remodel. If you only have one or two bulbs and a small window above the sink, you need to upgrade. Consider replacing the old windows and doors with the modern ones; they allow sufficient light.

Another option is to use layers of light, such as recessed lighting, pendant fixtures, and LED, among others. You can also install dimmer switches on all kitchen lighting to help you control the amount of light during the day. Choose suitable switch locations and outlets according to the code.

A kitchen renovation is not something that you can rush into. You need to put effort, patience, and commitment to get the desired results. Otherwise, it can be nerve-wracking. Before you jump in, consider the above tips, do thorough consultation from professionals and take your time.

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