Exploring the Maliau Basin

Exploring the Maliau Basin

Located in the heart of the Tongod District of Malaysia, the Maliau Basin is one of the rarest areas which is still untouched by humanity. It was back in 1981 when the place was declared to be a conservative area by the Sabah Foundation. Till now the forest is lush green, and there is no human sign at all. If you are someone who loves to be a part of nature, then the place is a perfect place to visit.

The Maliau River flows through the forest, bringing life to the forest in all seasons. However, to acknowledge the geographical size of the place, the basin is more than twice as big as the Kuala Lumpur. The site has always been a dreamland for the nature lovers, and there are a couple of things you can do in the Maliau Basin. Some of them are listed down below.

Trekking around the basin

Several paths can be used to explore the jungle. Dense forest makes the trek much more exciting. One can easily take a brisk walk around the research station in the wilderness. While there are other options like the Malian Loop, which is five days and four-night journey through the southern part of the jungle.

Most visitors prefer the long journey as trekking through the dense forests of the Maliau basin exposes them to unknown adventures. One can easily find professionals to guide you through the long journey. Visitors need not worry about the animals as the animals are not generally found the trekking paths.

Trekking through the forest is not easy. However, the trip covers four beautiful waterfalls, namely, the Takob Falls. The Maliau falls, the Giluk Falls and the Ginseng Falls. The journey is filled with steep hill climbs, dangerous animals, and whatnot. Hence the tourist guides ask people to sign on legal documents before the adventure of their lifetime starts.

Wildlife watching

The Maliau Basin is well preserved in comparison to the most. More than eighty species have been spotted till date, and the number is increasing each day. Animals like leopards, elephants, and whatnot are found in the densest areas of the jungle. These animals can be easily spotted from the top of the research center through a binocular. For nature lovers, it is a once in a lifetime to spot an array of animals in their genuine sense. From the Sumatran rhino to the gibbon, the place has a lot to offer.

The trip to the Maliau Basin is an incredible experience and is a trip of a lifetime. From the waterfalls to the dense dark forests along with its wild animals, the park gives a fantastic experience of a lifetime. With the right tourist guide, you can visit all these places in just a week. Further to make sure that the tourists do not get hurt in a midway, there is a facility of helicopters, which can rescue in the middle of trekking activities or any other unexpected event. The area has to remain protected for years and will remain the same for years to keep, giving the generations an adventure of a lifetime.

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