Could Past Decisions Haunt Your Career Moving Forward?

Could Past Decisions Haunt Your Career Moving Forward?

No matter the career path you select, it is important to remember that your past could catch up with you.

Keeping that in mind, is there anything from your past you should be worried about?

From job firings to criminal issues and more, you do not want your past catching up with you.

So, is this something you have concerns over?

How You Left Previous Employers Matters

In looking back on your career to now, any issues with former employers?

While layoffs happen to many over the years, firings are a different story.

Yes, people get fired on a regular basis. That said a firing and a layoff are not the same.

If you have suffered the former, the hope is that it does not come back to haunt you.

Among some of the reasons people are fired on a regular basis include:

  • Not performing the responsibilities required in their jobs
  • Causing trouble in the office
  • Being always late to work
  • Committing a crime against their employer

If fired and asked about it when you go to interview elsewhere, be as upfront as possible. Given many companies do background checks these days; you do not want to lie to a business about the past.

If you were the victim of a layoff, let any prospective employers know about this should the topic come up. It may well be a case where it was a numbers game with your previous employer and you were one of the victims.

At the end of the day, how you left a previous employer can impact your ability to get another job.

Do You Have a Criminal Past?

If you have had run-ins with law enforcement, this can impact your ability to keep a career moving ahead.

So, how long do criminal records last is something you may be wondering.

If you have a criminal record, make sure you know what it entails. Not doing so can open you up to troubles not only with your career aspirations but also your personal life.

It is best to go online and find out what your criminal records say about you.

If the criminal issue or issues in the past are rather minor, then you should be in relative good shape. That said any serious criminal issues could well hamper you in your ability to get another job.

Such criminal issues that can be a roadblock to employment can include:

  • Sex crimes
  • Forgery and other financial crimes
  • Assault and Battery
  • Crimes involving children
  • DUI’s or drug offenses

In reviewing your criminal record, do your best to understand it and move on from it.

As one can use a free license plate lookup to review a used car for sale or find a hit-and-run suspect, brands use tools too.

At the end of the day, you want to do all you can to leave the past in the past.

Yes, this means owning up to any mistakes and making sure your career trajectory is on the right path.

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