Complete Guide To Garden Summer House

Complete Guide To Garden Summer House

Summer house in a garden is a covered space useful for enjoying warm evenings or rest hours of the day. The summer house is built with a view of enjoying the green spaces of the house and to stay close to nature while relaxing. It can be understood as the resting place for summers in the garden, a place for winding down or spending good times with the friends. 

Popular types of summer houses

A summer house need not be a small cabin or hut in the garden, always. You can go creative in thinking and make summer house in various designs. The designs may have contemporary look, a rustic one or ultra modern feel depending upon the way you have got built. To make you understand clearly the types of summer houses possible to make in the US, here are some explained.

  1. Contemporary summer house: This house has minimalistic appeal. It is made groovy with the help of couches, floor lamps, sleek lights and sophisticated doors and windows. It can be containing musical instrument like guitar as a highlight if the idea is to use it as a music room. The look is completed with the help of portraits and wall hangings.
  2. Traditional summer house: The structure is direct borrowing from the past. Made in traditional style with the help of wooden planks, a foundation and front door, this summer house is fit for the regions where rainfall is scanty. Mostly, people use flat roofs for this style, but making it with slopes is possible too and is purely the owner’s choice.
  3. Corner summer house: This is designed mainly to adorn any corner of the garden space. The typical look will comprise of side windows and double door that enables the panoramic view of the garden space. It can have floor planters and weather-resistant, small porch for demarcating the space. 
  4. Small summer house: This is a budget-friendly option for developing a place for relaxation in the corner of the garden. Whenever you want to enjoy the pleasant weather or need extra storage room for stuffing things in colder part of year, you can make small summer house your go-to.

Best uses of summer houses

Summer houses are proving to be quite a useful addition to the whole residence. They are so much in demand that these have become a desirable feature in the house to look for while buying. The buyers are ready to pay a premium price for summer houses owing to their pleasant look and high utility factor. Some of the best uses of summer house are:

  1. Music room: Summer house can be developed as practice room with acoustics in place. The music lovers can also have music system installed here for enjoying their favorite artists. 
  2. Outdoor dining: Summer house offers amazing place to dine out in open. You can invite guests over lunch or evening snacks and create beautiful ambience for your get-together using the summer house. 
  3. A storage space: Various hobbies like gardening, painting, music, etc. need extra space for storing the tool set. The summer room can be used as the tool shed for keeping the things of choice. 
  4. Playroom for kids: Give your kids the place to play with their imagination, which obviously can be messy sometimes. The summer houses are the place where the best childhood memories are created. You can visit your childhood simply by spending time here with your kids and playing with them.

Getting more info about the summer houses is possible by visiting the best garden home makers in the UK. You can get end-to-end support right from designing through developing to installation of the summer houses with them. 

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