brush made of natural bristles

brush made of natural bristles

When you buy a brush made of natural bristles, you should pay attention to what material the handle of this comb is made of. Manhattan Barbers know It is better if it is a rubberized or silicone handle (it ensures its convenient use, it does not slip out of the hands during hairdrying).

The most important criterion for choosing these combs is the bristle. Ideally, it should be natural (pile of wild boar). It is very easy to determine whether it is natural or artificial – when a natural pile is heated with a hairdryer, it starts to emit a knock-off smell. Natural bristles are more expensive than regular plastic combs, but worth it. These are the most gentle combs for your hair. They do not damage the hair, do not injure the scalp, they untangle the hair well without electrifying it.

If for some reason you choose a comb made of plastic bristles, it is important to brush your palm with such a comb to make sure that it does not scratch your skin and does not damage your hair. If not, then you can safely get such a comb, but remember that a bristle quickly fails and falls out.

It is preferable to buy any hairbrush in specialized shops for hairdressers to avoid fakes. There is a safety certificate for each shipment of goods, which, if desired, can be checked in such stores.

Additional advantages of natural bristle combs:

– perfectly massage the scalp;

– give hair shine and smoothness;

– prevention of split ends;

– evenly distribute sebum along the entire length of the hair, which is wonderful for dry and normal hair, but, alas, it will not affect greasy hair in the best way. The hair will look dirtier than usual.

Narrow brushes made of natural pile are not interchangeable for creating fleeces and in order to smoothly comb the hair gathering up into the tail.

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