5 Ways To Make Your Health Insurance Claim Process Easier

5 Ways To Make Your Health Insurance Claim Process Easier

Health insurance can prove much helpful in the event of an unforeseen health issue. Though one feels it as an additional expense, but the moment the claim amount comes in, it can prove as great support. One can be saved from paying a huge amount in the form of medical bills. Due to the modern lifestyle, stress and poor environmental conditions, people have to face various diseases. The treatments for multiple ailments have increased beyond the payment capacity of an individual. In such a situation to meet the cost of treatment, health insurance is the best option.

The moment one has to go for the treatment he needs to file the claim for Health Insurance. At this stage, it is necessary to know the process for the claim so that it becomes easy to get the insurance cover amount faster.

Knowing about the two types of claims

The first one is reimbursement where the client has to pay the treatment amount from his pocket first and then he needs to file the claim with supporting documents such as bills for treatment and medicines. This option is used when one is admitted in any hospital, which is not a network hospital of the service provider. The second option is a cashless claim where one is admitted in a hospital which has got a tie-up with the service provider. The second option is more viable as it takes less time, and one does not have to bear a burden on his pocket. In the first option, one has to bear a cost and becomes tough to manage the finance at a time.

How to make the claim process easier?

To make the process of claim easier, one needs to keep the following points in mind:

  • Keep all the documents ready: The service provider needs different types of bills and papers that the hospital authorities provide. One needs to have these documents prepared with their several copies. In this way, one does not need to wait for the claim because of lack of a document.
  • Maintain Transparency: The moment one purchases health insurance, he needs to maintain complete transparency as it is a contract. At the time of claim, all relevant details must be furnished, and there must be no false claim. One needs to show related documents of the ailments while buying the policy and the same at the time of raising a claim too. This can help one to avoid any delay in getting the claim processed.
  • Check the coverage: While filing a claim, one needs to be sure that the treatment for the concerned disease is covered under the health insurance. Therefore it is necessary for one to check the policy documents thoroughly and get the same verified by the company before filing a claim. Such information can help one to get the right treatment for the disease and also get the claim settled easily and quickly.
  • Follow the right channel: For the claim settlement process, the service providers usually have different channels. For the reimbursement, there is a separate department while for the cashless claim one needs to check with the concerned hospital only. If one is also protected by the coverage under a group insurance scheme, he may have to follow another department. Hence before going for the claim, one should know where and which department he needs to get in touch with. It can help him get the right information and speed up the process of claim settlement.
  • Ask for help if required: In case one is not sure about any paper, process or anything that is needed for the settlement of the claim, he must seek the help of the customer care executives. One can know the right process by asking them in less time rather going for assuming and following. The customer care executives are aware of various processes and hence seeking their help can prove much helpful.

Though these steps seem simple, following them can prove much useful while getting a claim settled. The more you know about these steps, the easier it would get for you to get your health insurance claim processed on time.


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