11 Things To Remember To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Food Tasting

11 Things To Remember To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Food Tasting

Setting a meeting with your local catering Gettysburg PA company for a wedding menu taste test should be at the top of your wedding planning list. No wedding is every complete or fully enjoyed if the food during the reception is bad. While in the middle of planning and preparing, things can understandably become hectic which can lead to mistakes that will affect the big day.

To avoid missing any crucial details about the food, here’s a list of things that you should remember during the food tasting:

1: Budget

It is easy to get carried away when choosing the menu for your big day. Always consider how much your budget is for food and discuss it openly with the caterer to avoid overspending.

2: Give Clear Directions

The best way to get what you want and expect is to be very clear when giving directions. The catering Gettysburg PA company will gladly work with you to make your dream wedding menu come true.

3: Mind Your Guests

While you might want to serve something unique and exotic, your guests might not want to eat liver pate or ox tongue. Although chicken is too safe, ask your caterer about options that are in between exotic and safe.

4: Don’t Forget The Drinks

Don’t just assume that the drinks are included in the package. Ask the company if you can bring your own or if they can provide, and how much it will cost.

5: Dietary Restrictions

Remember to take note of family members and friends who have dietary restrictions. Inform the caterer so that they can prepare a special dish according to those restrictions.

6: Kid’s Menu

Yes, there will be kids during your wedding and you have to feed them too. When planning the wedding and the menu, have a special kid’s table that serves kid-friend food like chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, or something similar.

7: Time Of Reception

Will you be serving lunch, brunch, afternoon tea, or dinner? The time of the reception will affect the type of food best served. Tell the caterer what time you are planning to host the reception so they can help you choose what goes on the menu.

8: Take Photos

Expect to sample several dishes and expect to forget a few. Take pictures every time you are served something new to help you remember what the dishes look like and jog your memory about the taste.

9: Make Notes

Don’t be afraid to whip up your notebook while tasting. Giving notes, comments, and suggestions during the tasting will help the chef and catering team create a menu that lives up to your expectations.

10: Mention The Service Crew

Again, don’t just assume that the catering company will provide a service crew for your wedding. Ask if they are included in the package and how many are needed. You might have to request for extra servers if your wedding has a lot of guests.

11: Request For A Revised Proposal

There will be changes at the end of the tasting which can affect the original package proposal. After the tasting, always request a revised proposal which includes all of the changes so you have physical proof in case it is needed.

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