Your guide to the SATs and the benefits you can have

Your guide to the SATs and the benefits you can have

The exam season is quite rough in a student’s life. With every step, the difficulty level of exams increases, and when you are ready to graduate high school, the exam named SATs comes across you. A good SAT score is responsible for a lot of better things in your life. You just need to know where to SAT Tutoring [ติว sat math, which is the term in Thai], and you are good to go. Here are some benefits that will make you realize the importance of SATs.

A number of opportunities wait:

Passing the SATs will open your doors to a number of well-known institutes. It will be easier for you to get admission in the desired university if you have a good score in SATs.

Skill-building in a short period of time:

Preparing for the SATs will help you build analytical skills to the best possible level. You will have good command over the English language, and it will help you in surviving foreign universities as well as the corporate world. 

These are just two benefits, and you can find more too. Make sure you answer the question of where to study IELTS [เรียน sat, which is the term in Thai] and SATs beforehand. To pass the SATs, you better understand the format of the test too.

Test format for SATs:

If you choose SATs rather than IELTS, you need to know the test format of this too. There are three main sections; mathematics, evidence-based reading, and writing. 

  • The student gets 52 questions and 65 minutes to solve this section.
  • In 35 minutes, students have to solve 44 questions. 
  • The last section is the tricky part as every student gets 58 questions, and the total time is 80 minutes. You have to be quick in this as there are two divisions of the sections. In the first section, you get 55 minutes for calculator solutions and 25 minutes for no-calculator questions. 

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