So, after all of this, your PassMe isn’t working. Here is a troubleshooting guide to determine what is causing the problem:

Troubleshooting Starting Place

  • You are having problems building the PassMe. Go to Problems Building the PassMe.
  • You are having problems using the PassMe. Go to Problems Booting.

Problems Building the PassMe

Programming the CPLD Failed:

  1. Use a multimeter to test connections. For details, see Testing Pin 3 on CPLD
  2. Apply flux and resolder the pins on the CPLD.

Problems Booting

You’ve flashed your GBA Cart and inserted it into the NDS. You’ve also put the PassMe into the NDS with a DS Cart inserted into the passme. When you turn on your NDS, what do you see?

NDS Boots to GBA Screen

  1. Check to make sure PCI pins are making contact with DS cart. For details, see Testing Cart to PCB

Nintendo Logo is Pixelated

  1. Check to make sure PCI pins are making contact with DS cart. For details, see Testing Cart to PCB. I’m not sure which pin, but I have seen this as well, and checking the connections seems to fix it.

NDS Screens Both White

This is actually good, this means that PassMe is working, you just need to figure out why it won’t run DS code from your flash cart.

  • Is your linker listed on the Tested Flash Carts page as “Works fine?” If so, go to NDS Screens Still Both White. If not, you can still go to this section. If you’re still having problems, you’re best bet is to go to IRC #dsdev channel and inform the community of the following details:
    1. Linker hardware/software you are using.
    2. Source of PassMe ( / / / other / home built.)
    3. Version of VHDL code used if known.
    4. Demo being tested.
    5. Let them know that you’ve followed this troubleshooting guide. Include any odd behavior by the NDS while following the guide. It will help the troubleshooting process.

NDS Screens Still Both White

  1. Try erasing your flash cart and only loading the name.ds.gba file. (Not the .bin file, those are only for emulators.)
  2. Try a demo that is known to be working.

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