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Seems like Tanaan is essentially Classic Isles however with a narrative; unfortunately, that’s visiting keep me from remaining in WoW as I’m not able at this point to see it as anything however a land-mass-sized equipment pinata designed solely to maintain the raid device going. The shipyard also sounds like a variant on a style as well as inevitably still the same issue I have with the Garrison: it’s a cell phone video game in my MMO that is as vacant of immersion as one might potentially obtain. I expect the Mythic problem will make a tiny minority of hardcore people that still enjoy the video game delighted, yet all this looks like is WoW is still, permanently, all about raiding for gear to rob for gear.
PvP 2-piece set incentive for Retaliation Paladins currently lowers the period of all inbound crowd control impacts by 25 % (down from 50 %).

PvP 4-piece collection benefit for Defense Paladins should no longer be improperly put on other pets or guardians. Silence (Discipline) now stops the target from casting spells for 2 seconds (below 5 secs). There is no modification to the capacity for Shadow Priests. Fixed an issue where Death from Above might occasionally incorrectly be giving several combo factors along with Ruthlessness.
The firm supplies adult controls 50 that enable different restrictions to be set on playing time. It is feasible to set a day-to-day restriction, an once a week restriction, or to define an allowed having fun schedule.

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So, after all of this, your PassMe isn’t working. Here is a troubleshooting guide to determine what is causing the problem:

Troubleshooting Starting Place

  • You are having problems building the PassMe. Go to Problems Building the PassMe.
  • You are having problems using the PassMe. Go to Problems Booting.

Problems Building the PassMe

Programming the CPLD Failed:

  1. Use a multimeter to test connections. For details, see Testing Pin 3 on CPLD
  2. Apply flux and resolder the pins on the CPLD.

Problems Booting

You’ve flashed your GBA Cart and inserted it into the NDS. You’ve also put the PassMe into the NDS with a DS Cart inserted into the passme. When you turn on your NDS, what do you see?

NDS Boots to GBA Screen

  1. Check to make sure PCI pins are making contact with DS cart. For details, see Testing Cart to PCB

Nintendo Logo is Pixelated

  1. Check to make sure PCI pins are making contact with DS cart. For details, see Testing Cart to PCB. I’m not sure which pin, but I have seen this as well, and checking the connections seems to fix it.

NDS Screens Both White

This is actually good, this means that PassMe is working, you just need to figure out why it won’t run DS code from your flash cart.

  • Is your linker listed on the Tested Flash Carts page as “Works fine?” If so, go to NDS Screens Still Both White. If not, you can still go to this section. If you’re still having problems, you’re best bet is to go to IRC #dsdev channel and inform the community of the following details:
    1. Linker hardware/software you are using.
    2. Source of PassMe (www.dspassme.com / www.natrium42.com / www.kraln.com / other / home built.)
    3. Version of VHDL code used if known.
    4. Demo being tested.
    5. Let them know that you’ve followed this troubleshooting guide. Include any odd behavior by the NDS while following the guide. It will help the troubleshooting process.

NDS Screens Still Both White

  1. Try erasing your flash cart and only loading the name.ds.gba file. (Not the .bin file, those are only for emulators.)
  2. Try a demo that is known to be working.

What is PassMe?

What is PassMe? – PassMe is a device designed by Natrium42 based off of the first DS passthrough made by DarkFader using an FPGA dev kit. It redirects the DS to a GBA Flash cart, so you can run your own program on the Nintendo DS. It requires the use of a commercial DS cart (for authentication) and a GBA Flash cart (To hold your DS program) to work.

PassMe2 with Super Card,M3, and G6. Fully tested, and IT WORKS! Click links above to find out how.

PassMe1 or PassMe2? Which should you buy? Go HERE to find out!

For help using your PassMe2, check out HERE.

I have now added options under the PassMe2 for games available. I can now program the PassMe2 with any game listed on DarkFader’s site HERE. If you would like a PassMe2 programmed for a game on DarkFader’s list, just put the gamecode/version and title into the comments field when ordering your PassMe2. If there isn’t a .jed file available, then the game isn’t compatible with PassMe2. Keep in mind that I will be unable to test it, but ALL PassMes I sell are tested to work (with standard PassMe1 code) prior to being reprogrammed with PassMe2 code.

You can also use Pepsiman’s SRAM Writer to put the SRAM Data onto your flash cart. It is available HERE.

If you have a new firmware DS, or are not sure, the PassMe2 will work for you. But, the PassMe2 requires the use of a specific DS game cart as well as code in the SRAM of your flash cart. Which, some media doesn’t support, like the GBA MP.

What is the difference between PassMe1 and PassMe2? – PassMe1 only works on early DSs purchased prior to Oct. 1st, 2005. New DSs have new firmware that block PassMe1. PassMe2 uses a new method of redirecting the DS to run homebrew code, but requires it to be programmed for the commercial game being inserted into the PassMe2 as well as a media (what you put your homebrew roms on) that supports SRAM.

How do I use PassMe2? – First, you have to write a save game to your media. This can be done in a few different ways. Easiest, is to use Pepsiman’s SRAM Writer listed above. After writing the SRAM Data to your media just insert the commercial DS game cart you own into the PassMe2, and then the PassMe2 into your DS. Turn it on, and it will run the homebrew rom you wrote to your media.

What do you do with it? – Well, if you are a programmer, it gives you the ability to test your programs on the DS hardware, not just in an emulator. If your not a programmer, it allows you to download demo’s from the internet and play them on your DS. PassMe DOES NOT work with Commercial dumps!

Where do I get one? – Well, you can either build one yourself using the documentation on this site, or order one from here.

Do I have to destroy my Metroid Prime Demo?NO! The PassMes sold by me (PassMe PCI Complete) are sold with PCI pins soldered onto the PassMe so that your DS cart will slide into it like a slot. GBC Comlete PassMes use a cut down GBA cart connector. NEITHER require you to do more then insert a DS cart into the PassMe and insert the PassMe into your DS. NO soldering or programming of the CPLD required.

Will PassMe Work with my Flash Cart? – PassMe is still to new to know if it will work with every Flash Cart available. But, we are working on a list, so checkHERE.

How do I build one? – PassMe information is public knowledge. Everything you need to know to build your own PassMe is availabe (or will be) on this site under Documentation. If you do not have the skills or desire to build one, you can order one from here.

What is WiFiMe? – WiFiMe is an application that allows you to run homebrew code from a GBA Flash cart using a specific wireless card and special drivers. It does the exact same thing PassMe does using the “DS Download Play” feature. NOTE: WiFiMe DOES NOT work with new DS firmware. More info available HERE.

What is FlashMe? – FlashMe is a firmware patch for your DS that allows you to run homebrew code from a GBA Flash cart without any additional hardware at all. But, you need a PassMe or WiFiMe to flash it the first time. After that, you are all set. More info available HERE. UPDATE: In the beginning, there was some control over who was releasing firmware patches. But, due to people complaining about it being closed, Loopy decided to just release it. What does that mean to us/you? You now have to be carefull where you download firmware patches from. I would ONLY download them from the site provided in my tutorial. But, if you feel lucky, download them from where ever or whom ever you want. Just keep in mind, it could destroy your DS.

NEW: GBA Movie Player with updated firmware!
Play NDS Homebrew using your GBA MP!